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Maybe Tomorrow

Way down at the bottom of the rabbit hole


when i figure out what to write, well, i’ll write it.

hardstyle raver, drug fiend, writer, angry teenager, urban explorer, final fantasy fangirl, sadomasochist, loyal, proud, social fairy, prays everyday for an opportunity to have a threesum with Russell Brand and Noel Fielding, two faced, generally loving, artistic, not quite 18, freelance graphic designer, horse rider, dyslexic, hair model, enjoys speeding, tim burton's mortal enemy, nu raver, intimidating, designer clothes addict, closet yaoi addict, gamer, stepmania pro, constantly reading, /b/rethren, left myspace for facebook, thinks trent reznors fiancee should go die in a hole, atheist-agnostic-something or other, doesn't get twitter, cat lover, rat lover, boy lover, doesn't take much seriously;;

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table by: minty_peach